Missing persons – Case studies

People Finder Direct undertake a wide variety of assignments from both private individuals and companies. Below are examples of recent case studies showing the diverse nature of the work we undertake.

Case Study 1 – Tracing birth mother

Mr A at the age of 45  learned the identity of his natural mother following the death of his foster parents. He tried and failed with two previous trace agencies to locate his natural mother and in his words “you are my last resort”. People Finder Direct took over the investigation and located his birth mother in Spain. Mr. A  has since met up with his natural mother in Mallorca.

Case Study 2 – Tracing half brother

Mr. F.  private client from Berkshire learnt that during his childhood his mother & father separated for a period of 12 months. During that time his mother met another man and became pregnant, she later had the child adopted when their brief relationship ended. When his parents reunited the subject became a family secret and Mr. F & his sibling’s never learnt that they had a half-brother until very later in their adult life. Again People Finder Direct took over the investigation and located his half-brother in Jersey. They have since met up.

Case Study 3 – Locating estranged husband

This case study is very typical of many search requests People Finder Direct receive.

Mrs. K from Liverpool wanted to locate her estranged husband. He left the matrimonial home taking considerable family funds leaving Mrs. K in a poor financial situation with four children and the CSA being unable to locate the estranged husband. People Finder Direct took over the investigation and having located the estranged husband we established that he had bought a new home in Somerset with a girlfriend.

We provided Mrs. K with her husband’s new residential address, together with Land Registry documents proving ownership of new home.