Looking for missing people – international searches.

People Finder Direct undertake a wide variety of assignments from both private individuals and companies. Below are examples of recent case studies showing the diverse nature of the work we undertake for clients across the globe.

Case Study 1 – Absconding debtor located in Canada.

Mr. S a farmer in Scotland built up many large debts and was also found guilty of cruelty to his animals on the farm by the RSPCA .

Following his conviction he fled Scotland to avoid his creditors and persons wishing to cause him physical harm!  Whilst two previous trace agencies failed to locate Mr. S People Finder Direct tracked him down to Canada, where he had started a new life as a farmer in Ontario.

With the monies he had previously stolen from several Scottish businesses he purchased his farm in Ontario, plus two additional agricultural properties. Having established he held three Canadian properties we provided our clients with Canadian Land Registry title searches to enable them to take litigation action against Mr. S .

Case Study 2 – You can run but you cannot hide – Spanish relocation no answer!

Many debtors fleeing the UK move to Spain. Mr. W left the UK owing over £3,000,000 of debt to many creditors including Inland Revenue and Customs & Excise (VAT office).

People Finder Direct located him in the Alicante region of Spain running a bar and also supplied our clients with Spanish Land Registry documents showing his ownership of a recently acquired 4-bedroom villa.

Mr. W was latter arrested by the police and returned to the UK to face trial for fraud & deception charges.

Case Study 3 – Locating in father in Australia, to solve medical condition!

People Finder Direct received instructions from Mrs. G to locate her father in Australia, who left the matrimonial home when she was a baby.

During Mrs.G adult life she has been suffering from rare & serious medical problems and her physicians wished to know her full family medical history. Mrs. G was only aware of her mothers family history and as a result she made the decision to try to locate her father, whom she had no memory of.

For over 3 years Mrs. G had been attempting to locate her father, using various trace agencies in the UK. Mrs. G learnt he was in Australia and following her instructions we located him in Perth, Western Australia.

Mrs.G  is now in touch with her father and even has contact with his two other daughters from a later marriage, her half-sisters!