Looking for missing people for corporate clients

People Finder Direct undertake a wide variety of assignments from both private individuals and companies. Below are examples of recent case studies showing the diverse nature of the work we undertake for corporate clients.

Case Study 1 – Debtors claiming to have moved abroad!

One of the common scenarios of trace cases from our corporate clients involve debtors who leave an address claiming to be moving abroad, informing neighbours and others they will not be returning to the UK. They purposely leave a false trail to avoid detection.

In a recent case, Mr. M in an attempt to avoid detection even changed his name by “deed poll” and was found to be living elsewhere in the same county. He purchased a property in his new name however People Finder Direct were able to provide evidence to our client of his change of name, current employers and all relevant contact numbers and documents proving ownership of his new home.

As a result our coprorate client was able to commence legal proceedings to attain funds from Mr. M.

Case Study 2 – Locating debtors next of kin to pay money back!

Often our corporate clients actually owe their customers money!  For example when a property is repossessed and the sale price is greater than the actual debt.

In one such case the sum of £80,000 (approx) was due to be awarded to an elderly customer born in the 1920’s, but he died some months before the house sale. People Finder Direct were instructed to locate the debtor’s nearest next of kin, but he was an only child. Our investigation went back to the end of the 1800’s and start of the 1900’s.

People Finder Direct eventually located his only living next of kin, a female in London who promptly received over £80,000.

Case Study 3 – Professional footballer and a property search

A relatively famous professional overseas footballer (until recently a captain of his international team) owed over £1,000,000 to our corporate client.

People Finder Direct found him living in a plush home in Lancashire, albeit it was rented accommodation. We researched the individual in more depth and established he actually owned his own home in a nearby county standing unoccupied on a golf course, valued at £2,000,000.

When the retired footballer discovered that our client was now aware of his hidden property he immediately repaid the debt in full of £1,000,00 to prevent a legal charge being registered on his home.

Sadly he always had the money to repay back our clients but was “playing the system” to see if he could get away with not paying the debt. Thankfully no one can hide if you know where to look!