The costs to locate a missing person.

We would recommend you call or e-mail us to get an accurate Fixed Fee Quotation.

In all cases we will require written instructions prior to carrying out an investigation. In some cases we will only be able to release information through a solicitor or legal representative acting on your behalf. 

We will assess the complexity of the trace investigation and the searches required to trace the person or assets that need to be found.

The cost of tracing people and assets very much depends on the information that the client has available to them. Having some background information reduces the cost and timescale of an investigation. However, we undertake investigations based on very little information, so don’t give up hope.      

Our fees start from £540.00 for a Trace in the UK.

Prior to commencing any search, a Fixed Fee will be agreed with the client and a 50% deposit requested.   

Bespoke missing people service

An experienced researcher will discuss the information you have, so we are fully able to comprehend your specific requirements. Because of the nature of the tracing work we carry out we offer a bespoke tracing service.

Missing person fee structure

  • We will give you a fixed quotation to ensure that there will be no escalating costs or hourly charges. There are NO HIDDEN FEES or extra costs.
  • The remaining payment must be made in full (only on the successful conclusion of a search) before any information can be disclosed.
  • A final report detailing all work undertaken, including the current name and address and contact details of the person searched for, including all supporting documents if applicable.
  • If the person searched for has passed away our fee would still apply. We would provide a death certificate and search for any other relative (s) who registered the death.
  • The fee is for tracing one individual (although other family relatives may be found in the course of a search at no extra cost).

Method of payment

People Finder Direct accepts the following methods of payment:

  • PayPal
  • Credit / Debit Cards
  • Cheque
  • BACS