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Find a missing relative in the UK or abroad

People Finder Direct have over 35 years undertaken many searches for missing relatives on behalf of families across the globe.

There are often many different reasons why family members have not been in touch over the years including adoption, fostering, family feuds, family secrets and sometimes there is no reason at all as families drift apart both geographically and emotionally.

The reasons why people want to find missing relatives is also varied. Many have searched for parents or children for years or others have suddenly for a variety of reasons just discovered they have a relative they did not realise existed.

Whatever the reason People Finder Direct can assist in helping you find your relatives wherever they are. The People Finder Direct guarantee ensures that you can be confident in employing us to undertake your search without any risk.

Please contact us today to find out how we can help find your missing relative.


Missing Persons Bureau reports over 6000 people go missing each week.

National Crime AgencyThe National Crime Agency’s UK Missing Persons Bureau (UKMPB) reports that police forces in England, Wales and Scotland are dealing with more than six thousand missing person reports a week.

Data for the financial year 2014/15 shows that there was an increase in the number of calls reporting people missing made to police forces – up to 315,000 from 307,000 in the year 2013/14.

Prior to 2013/14 there had been a steady fall in the numbers.

The report also shows that children and young people continue to account for more than half of all missing incidents.

Three quarters of calls are resolved within a day and 85% within 48 hours. The vast majority (96%) result in the individual returning without having come to any harm.

For the first time the figures for England and Wales include a breakdown of how many individuals were the subject of those calls. The 275,000 calls received by forces related to 137,000 separate individuals, meaning a number of cases involve people going missing multiple times.

The NCA’s UK Missing Persons Bureau is the only UK law enforcement body focused exclusively on missing people. The bureau serves police forces by providing expertise to assist investigations and helping resolve cases.

It is also the central point of contact for international missing person and unidentified body cases.

Debtor tracing?

People Finding ServicesLooking to trace a debtor? Let us commence a search today.

If you have an outstanding debt, this may be lost altogether if the debtor hides his location so that you cannot trace them. Difficulty in locating debtors is not unusual when trying to trace a person who owes money. Often telephone numbers are disconnected or changed or individuals and companies change premises attempt to close their business and reopen under another name.

Timing is crucial in tracing a debtor and the sooner this is done the easier it is to find teh person who has tried to evade paying the outstanding debt. Also the more information provided when requesting a trace, the greater the chance that the debtor will be found and also that you successflly receive your monies back.

People Finder Direct will immediately commence a search for your debtor as soon as you appoint us to undertake the search. You can be confident that your case will be handled efficiently and with complete discretion.

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