Locating missing people – Client testimonials

My name is Fraser Bissett and as I turned 50, I thought more and more about finding my Birth Mother. But something always seemed to put me off trying to find information out by myself, as I just got frustrated in getting nowhere. I knew this would probably be my last chance, because of her age, so I contacted People Finder Direct and spoke to Paul Anthony, who was very friendly. With only my Birth Certificate details, within 8hrs he had information for me, and within 24hrs, had all the details I required to contact my Birth Mother. That weekend I travelled to her address where we met and also my sisters it was incredible my only regret that I had not tried contacting somebody like Paul years ago. I cannot thank Paul and his People Finder Direct enough, and if anyone is in two minds about contacting them, then do not hesitate before it’s too late.

Fraser Bissett

I live in Canada and wanted to reconnect with a family member that lives in the U.K. I had lost contact with this person many years ago. I contacted Peopel Finder Direct and within a few days, they had been able to find my long lost relative. I was provided with the address and telephone number and additional information that I had not thought to ask for. People Finder Direct’s service was quick, professional and very reasonably priced.

I would highly recommend People Finder Direct should you ever be in need of finding someone.

A Davis

I’m 27 years old and have never met my biological father. It’s something I would think about regularly and have used different internet methods to try to track him down – with no luck. I came across People Finder Direct who I gave as much information as I knew about my father. People Finder Direct were able to track my father down within 7 days and put me in contact with him within 14 days! It’s changed my life. With their support I have been able to have closure on such a huge gap I’ve been carrying for years. I cant stress enough how experienced and efficient the team are and if you are in a similar position like I was – call People Finder Direct!!

I have arranged, after many phone calls, to meet with my father within the next month – very exciting!”

S Peters

I would like to say a big thank you to Paul Anthony at People Finder direct for his swift and professional way he found my mother for me. Not sure how he managed it as it was a hard search due to her relocating to a different country, but it seems that no job is too difficult, would recommend to anyone.

Paul Sullivan

Many thanks for a professional and personal approach to this enquiry, you made a difficult task easy. My Aunt and I are very grateful to you. (Of course the wonderful welsh accent helped !) Sorry “wife” but it has to be said the Irish and the Welsh and the Scottish (if you sound like Sean Connery) can get away with murder! Will certainly recommend.

Many thanks


How impressed I was I cant put into words, not only did they find the relative but gave me a lot of other details, telephone numbers etc, honestly I thought the price steep till I got the report 🙂 this company could find a needle in a haystack lol.

Susan Baker