Looking to find property owned by individuals in the UK and worldwide? International property search undertaken by experts.

Globe Investigations property and asset searchPeople Finder Direct and Globe Investigations is often requested to trace property owned by individuals across the UK and worldwide. We have access to databases worldwide which allow us to search and successfully find property owned by individuals who for many reasons may not wish for the property to be found.

Please check our case studies for an example of our previous assignments where international property searches have been successfully completed.

International property searches are very difficult to undertake unless you understand the systems involved in each country but also how individuals may look to prevent the property to be found and this can often include the changing of their name by deed poll.

On completion of our overseas property search, we will provide proof of ownership (including the full Title Documents) if a property is found to be in the missing persons name.

Whatever the situation, People Finder Direct and Globe Investigations can assist in your international property search – please contact us today for more information or call 0300 124 5700.

Please check out the People Finder Direct Guarantee we provide on all searches.