Looking to find a relative?

People Finder Direct can assist you in finding your birth parent, a missing sibling, or any other relative.

We know that these searches are often very emotional and stressful and as a result are professional and knowledgeable tracing team ensure that you are kept well informed on a regular basis.

With over 35 years experience in tracing missing relatives we believe we have the best success results in the industry. If you have used other tracing agencies without success please contact us today and benefit from our People Finder Direct guarantee.

Based in Cardiff we are able to support you to locate your missing relative no matter how long ago you last saw them.

People Finder Direct will undertake the relative search and as soon as we have located the relative will contact you in order that contact can be made.

Many people are concerned that the person may not be the relative they are looking for but we will provide you with evidence in a report in order that you know that we have traced the relative concerned.

If you would like to find out more about our Find a Relative services please call us today on 0300 124 5700 or use our enquiry form on our Contact Us page .