Looking to find a loved one?

People Finder Direct can assist you in finding a loved one whether they are a missing relative, long last friend, work colleague or acquaintance  no matter where they currently reside or how long ago you last saw them.

We know that finding a loved one can prove to be very difficult as over the years people move both homes and employment, nowadays often moving abroad to live with family and friends. We know that these searches are time consuming and stressful and as a result are professional and knowledgeable tracing team ensure that you are kept well informed on a regular basis.

Tracing loved ones – our experience counts

With over 35 years experience in tracing loved ones we believe we have the best success results in the industry. If you have used other tracing agencies without success please contact us today and benefit from our People Finder Direct guarantee.

People Finder Direct is able to support you to locate your loved one. People Finder Direct will undertake the search for your loved one and as soon as we have located the person we will inform you in order that contact can be made.

If you would like to find out more about our Find a Loved One service please call us today on 0300 124 5700  or use our enquiry form on our Contact Us page .