Do you need to confirm a person’s current employment status?  The People Finder Direct employment trace service can assist.

Many companies and individuals employ People Finder Direct to undertake an employment trace because of our success over 35 years in successfully completing employment trace assignments.

Employment traces are often requested where a company or individual is looking to:

  • Enforce a County Court Judgement (CCJ) with an attachment of earnings order
  • Confirm a person’s employment as they are considering lending them money
  • Confirm their employment status as they are considering them as tenants

People Finder Direct can undertake a quick and cost effective employment trace providing the individuals current employment status.

People Finder Direct undertake to identify the current employment status of an individual and will confirm if the subject is employed, self employed or unemployed together with relevant information such as employers name and address details.

The professional People Finder Direct employment trace team will undertake a series of searches on the individual as well as contacting the employer to confirm the employment information is correct.

For more information on our employment trace services call 0300 124 5700 today or use our enquiry form on our Contact Us page.