Find an Ex Tenant today with People Finder Direct

Are you looking to trace an ex tenant who owes you money or has damaged your property.

People Finder Direct is able to trace your ex tenant quickly so that you can start to recover your losses.

The People Finder Direct find an ex tenant service

Simply follow our 3 step process and we will arrange to find your ex tenant without delay.

Step One

Provide us with all the relevant details of your ex tenant to allow us to undertake a search including the ex tenants name and past address, occupation and work details together with other information available that may be relevant. When you contact us we will confirm the information we require to ensure we find the ex tenant. Call us on 0300 124 5700 or use our enquiry form on our Contact Us page.

Step Two

Having received the ex tenants information we are then able to begin the search to locate the ex tenants new address and contact details. We have access to information on the location of UK citizens and databases not available on the internet. As a result we are able to find an ex tenant very quickly enabling you to take appropriate steps to retrieve the monies owed to you.

Step Three

As soon as we trace your ex tenant we will contact you immediately to inform you of your ex tenants location.

People Finder Direct guarantee to trace your ex tenant or pay your money back. To find out more about the People Finder Direct Guarantee click here.