UK Property Search for debtors and absconders

People Finder Direct is often asked to undertake a UK property search to confirm that an individual is the owner of a property.

A UK property search is often requested for the following:

  • To trace a property not declared by a debtor
  • To trace a property not declared in a divorce settlement
  • To trace a property hidden from banks and finance companies in an attempt to avoid payment of a secured debt

The People Finder Direct UK Property Search team have an excellent record of successfully locating properties within the UK and abroad.

People Finder Direct has access to a range of databases both in the UK and worldwide enabling us to locate properties where other tracing agents fail.

The People Finder Direct UK property search will provide details of the the ownership status whether this is on a joint or sole proprietor basis together with the title number of the property.

If you would like more information on our UK property search services please call us today on 0300 124 5700 or by using our enquiry form on our Contact Us page.